"Scott Paquet has worked in our home on several occasions on a variety of projects that included electrical work, outdoor maintenance, window installation and carpentry. On all occasions we found him to be skilled, professional, neat, reliable and pleasant to work with. We were especially impressed with his superior carpentry skills. Perhaps Scott's most outstanding characteristic, however, is his integrity and standard of ethics. He makes a great effort to be honest and fair and complete customer satisfaction is his ultimate goal. We can recommend him enthusiastically."
- Dave and Louise - Barrington Hills, IL

"Scott is the consummate handyman...punctual, honest, courteous, conscientious, and personable. He always gives 110% on every project and always keeps the customer's needs in mind as he works. Scott has completed several projects for us, from hanging pictures to installing light fixtures and plumbing. You couldn't ask for a better craftsman to help with your home improvement projects. We highly recommend Scott, not only for his skills and work ethic, but also for his attention to detail, and the genuine concern he shows for his clients. Hire Scott...you'll be glad you did!"
- Steve and Holly - Lake Zurich, IL

"Scott has performed work for me several times in the past year, and I couldn't be more pleased with his results! He is truly a "swiss army knife" on two legs - no matter what type of repair or improvement I've thrown at him, he had the skill and knowledge to tackle it. The numerous tasks he has helped me with include plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and concrete repairs. What I like best about Scott is the scope of his talents and his refusal to accept a "pretty good" result. He is extremely persistent in his efforts to achieve the best possible solution to the very snarly problems that I've thrown his way. He explains exactly how he plans to proceed and why he feels that course of action is the best option given the situation, and is always willing to answer my questions and entertain my suggestions. I've recommended Scott to friends and neighbors and will be looking for his help at my house again soon."
- Liz - Oakwood Hills, IL

"Scott Paquet is amazing. If there is something around the house that he can’t do, I’ve yet to discover what it is. I first met Scott when a painting crew walked off the job without hanging any of my new closet doors, leaving my entire house in utter disarray. When Scott arrived (on time!), I was immediately reassured that within two days all of the doors would be hung—and they were. Since the entire interior of my home had just been repainted, I was especially sensitive to making sure nothing marked up any of the walls. Scott was meticulous in his work and left the house in better condition than he found it. Two years later, Scott is just as careful about my walls and floors as he was during that first job. Since then, I have used Scott more than a dozen times, for projects both large and small. He replaced all of my interior passage doors with custom cherry doors with glass insets, manufactured in Europe. Although the doors are made without removable hinge pins, have magnetic latches, and came with no customer support, Scott installed all eight doors, which included reframing door openings and making new thresholds. Scott is skilled in so many things that I never stop to think about what type of tradesperson I need for a specific job, I just call Scott. He has done carpentry, plumbing and electrical jobs for me—both large and small. He completely disassembled my heatilator fireplace, found and replaced the faulty regulator valve, and put it all back together again. Whether he is changing a light bulb, hanging original art, or building a custom fabric storage room, I know he will pay the same attention to detail and not treat the job as complete until it has been done to my satisfaction. At every stage of the process, Scott involves me in the decision-making, explaining options, costs, and why he feels one technique will give me a better result than another. My trust in Scott is complete—although I love being home to watch him work, I’ve also left him alone in my house “babysitting” my dogs as he works. He has been on my roof, in my attics, in my crawl space and garage, and done work outside my house. No matter where he is working, he treats my home as though it were his own—protecting my possessions and leaving the worksite clean and neat not just at the end of the job, but at the end of every work day. His work ethic is outstanding and it’s always a pleasure having him in my home. My house was built 34 years ago by a high school student building trades class. Now, piece-by-piece, it is being rebuilt by a true professional."
- Allison - Northbrook, IL

“I met Scott when he still had the little footies in his pajamas, so if you have met Scott you will know that there have been a few years gone by.  I am a cabinet maker by trade and consider myself one of the best.  I was trained by my uncles (one a cabinet maker and the other an electrician) and my grandfather (they called him “preacher”).  He gave me a lot of what I have used to base my business of the last 26 years, as did my uncle that was also a preacher.  If you can't tell by now, yes I am from the south (Tennessee, that is), and yes I have had the opportunity to work with Scott.  He traveled all the way down here to help out his family.  I would have to say the best words for those days were “bittersweet,” cause as I became the older "craftsman" stuck in my ways and finding it hard to change, along comes Scott.  I think he has every tool made and knows how to use them.  Some of these things I have never seen before.  All the knowledge comes one job at a time and he has done some of everything and learns from everyone he comes in contact with.  Scott's grandpa ("Duffy" is what we called him) asked me once, “Do you consider yourself a good or great cabinet maker?”  I was young then and wanted to say "the best" and he then asked me the question, “Do you think that there is someone that could do a better job than even you can?”  Then he said to me, “Be patient with your workers and also with your clients, always do a great job, keeping in mind the cost to your customer, and give him all he can afford, as his expectations may not be as high as yours.”  Scott spent much more time with his grandpa than I, but I am sure those words of wisdom go through his mind everyday.  Honesty, trust, loyal and kind are all words you will use more after you meet Scott Paquet.”
- Dwight, Cabinet Crafters - Harriman, TN

Scott, thank you very much again for the repairs you made on the condo in Wauconda. On behalf of my family, thank you again for your fast, honest, efficient work! As you indicated on your website, "honesty, integrity" (and the like) and "contractors" do not historically go hand and hand. I too have been on the receiving end of poor professionals and it’s very discouraging - especially when we're long distance like this. So, thanks.
Your website is very nice, very prolific and comprehensive! I have several friends in your area and I am going to pass along your website and recommendation.
We will have a check to you shortly.
My best,

- Carrie - Wauconda, IL

“Extremely responsive, clear & easy communication, and expert results--thanks again, Scott !”
- Mark and Amy - Lake Barrington, IL

“Thanks Scott, I’m very happy with your work. I will recommend you to others.”
- Mary - Carpentersville, IL

“I was checking out your website the other day....I like it....you hit the nail on the head, with your description of yourself. You want it right, or do you want it fast?”
- Marc - Groveland, IL

“Thank you for this. You are a gem. I am so fortunate to have you take such good care of me/my house.”
- Nancy - Palatine, IL

“Thanks for the follow up and invoice.
You are a pleasure, sorry I didn’t call sooner.
Everyone was thrilled with the improvements.

I found one door I forgot, which is to the laundry room.
I am thinking you can come back and install the new door piece and do the door at the same time.

I had a look at your website, it is very good and gives me ideas of future projects!
Many thanks!”
- Susan - Glencoe, IL

"Thanks so much, Scott. You do such great work. I'm really happy with
the way it turned out. You're such a pleasure to work with, too,
right down to the little detail about composting the saw dust and
using the materials in my garage. Conservation like that is so
important to me."
- Robin - Elgin, IL

"THANK YOU so much for the wonderful job on replacing my mother’s faucet in the kitchen. You are so thorough and sending the pictures along to show me how and what you did was great.
You go above and beyond and I appreciate you. I put the check in the mailbox here at ******* Business Center.

As soon as we pick up the garage opener I will give you a call, probably for the end of next week. And we will definitely pay you for installing the opener.

Again Thank You,


Note above I have included my personal email for your records as I am sending this from my business email."
- Shari - Bartlett, IL


Thank you for your help today. You were able to diagnose the problem, and leave me with a solution to fix it.

It took a while, but the hair dryer worked on the water tube. And now the fridge is dispensing water again. I am not sure if it truly would have taken this long, I had it on there over an hour. I had the hair dryer on kind of far back so the tube would not get too hot. Then I started to get concerned about running the hair dryer too long and I moved it a little closer. Checked on it few minutes later, and the floor was wet. The ice must have worked its way out the top. And now everything is working correctly.

Thank you so much"
- Jim - Buffalo Grove, IL

"Ellen is a hard customer to please and she kept saying you did a great job so that's saying something about your work. Thanks for all the help."
- Frank and Ellen - Mount Prospect, IL


I just want to tell you that I love the black out blinds. They are amazing. Zachary's room is so dark during the day. Thanks for all your hard work. Great job with the blinds.

Julie "
- Barry and Julie - Highland Park, IL

"Thank you Scott. So enjoying the warmth right now! Thank you for being such a blessing. I appreciate your honesty, response, and especially your vast knowledge on fixing things.

Phyllis "
- Phyllis - Hoffman Estates, IL

“Dear Scott,
Here is a little something to cover the time you spent checking out my porch swing last week. I also wrote a Yelp review which I hope will be positive.

- Don - Barrington, IL